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I’m sure you probably saw the “Ericka Camacho” thing on your news feed today or the past days, if not it’s about this 13 y-o girl (not sure abt. age) who to

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No Ericka Camacho thread? >14 years old >Hundreds of pics on FB with her tits hanging out >Praised for 'doing what she wants' at age 14 by doing drugs >Has multiple nudes and posted a photo of her giving a 23 year old a blowjob Oh and this video: Talking to her dad about how it's okay for a 14 year old to get fucked up on xanax

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Ericka Camacho Fan Club. 5,013 likes · 5 talking about this. WE LOVE ERICKoo CAMACHoo

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lol some chick called Ericka Camacho posted nudes of her masturbating on 4chan she was 13 good job 4chan 10\10 #? Jun 2, ...

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It literally horrifies me that people condone, encourage, and take part in activities such as this for no reason except to get off on it and excuse me, but if you’re getting off on a 13 year old’s *(Ericka Camacho’s) tits, there is something wrong with you. Rant over. Here is the link to the 4chan thread if you wish to report it:

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Daca Dreamers: Obama says axing young migrant scheme is wrong The former US president says it was cruel of the Trump administration to scrap his Daca ... - Ericka Camacho - October 2014

Ericka Camacho - October 2014 . 13 year old Ericka Camacho received widespread notoriety for taking a selfie while performing oral sex on a 23-year old.

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Ericka Camacho, of the Facebook Community ( / 4chan community is on the spotlight again but this time things go little bit more haywire when photos and videos of her performing fellatio on another male are leaked from a chat group started by an anonymous person (Speculated to be Aly Wale [])

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Ericka Camacho Started by PoopDoop666, 7 Jan 2016. 57 ... (I can't remember her url, but it's in the tags) and she said erika was born in 2000. ... - Ericka Camacho - "I'm Still Here" (VIDEO)

13 year old Ericka Camacho received widespread notoriety for taking a selfie while performing oral sex on a 23-year old. Weeks later, the teenager ...